Lifestyle portrait & boudoir photographer, momma to a rambunctious little boy, and wife to my best friend and other half... I'm Angie. Meeting as strangers, parting as friends... that is what I strive for with every client. Documenting moments that are uniquely and authentically you is my goal with each and every session. Stiff poses with forced smiles are NOT my cup of tea and will be avoided! My objective is, and will be, to capture real, genuine reactions and interactions. Whether it be with a joke, a prompt, sarcasm, or just me being my clumsy, awkward self... authentic emotion (joy, passion, happiness, laughter, etc) is the intention!

As for me, I am a lover of tea (Chai specifically), cookies, and converse. Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season and I shamelessly believe it should be that way for all human kind. I really enjoy spending time with other people, listening to their stories, and just loving on them. I feel like that needs to happen more these days, just loving on people. I'm a hot mess 80% of the time and spending time with others who are familiar with the hot mess express is my jam.  In our house, we do VeggieTales, lots of praying, and spreading the the love of Jesus to others. 

I picked up my first camera when I was about 5 years old and have been fascinated with them ever since. There is something about freezing a moment in time forever that just fills my soul. Having the privilege of capturing your moments to share for generations warms and excites my heart all at the same time! I firmly believe that as a client looks at the images from our session, it should feel like sipping a cup of tea... rich, heart warming, and good for the soul!

If you feel that we would be a good fit, please send me a message so we can talk!
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